Monday Rewrite: Lipstick and Love

She is getting her nails done. Again. And her eyes. And her lashes. And pretty much everything else. She is well aware she is way more than this. More than powder and gloss and perfume and finery. She has wisdom, faith and strength, experience, vision and creativity. But here she is, and life must be lived. She didn’t ask for this role, this elevation. Her life was on another track. And though others might well envy her status and privilege, right now it feels the opposite. Now she is looking out on a darkened skyline, a dangerous horizon. What’s that line in the song? ‘There are some things you can’t cover up with lipstick and powder.’ Well there’s a whole scheme here which needs uncovering and upending. So she will do what it takes. Play her part in this bigger plan. And she believes it will work. Lives will be saved and the world turn a corner. Not so much because of the powder and gloss, though they have their purpose here. But because she has lifted her eyes, turned her heart and mind, looked towards her creator. It’s her trust that will make this plan work. Because of her love for her people. And her courage. And because she has prayed.

Esther chapter 4

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