Monday Rewrite: Resources

And seeing the crowds, lost and wandering and confused and empty he had compassion and wanted to help them.

– Send them away, says Philip, so they can fend for themselves.

– I thought we might help them.

– How?

– Well you could feed them.

– We don’t have anything, says Phil, you’re the miracle worker. You do it.

– But I only have you.

– What?

– You. I have you, says Jesus, you have my resources.

– But we can’t do this.

– Not on your own, no, but you have me. I have you and you have me.

– So what do you expect us to do? Run off with some poor kid’s lunch and give everyone a micro crumb.

– Well you could, but I thought it might better to borrow a youngster’s lunch, share it round with my help and then give it back to the youngster twice as big as it was when we borrowed it.

– Uh?

– I found this young lad, says Andrew, bounding up like an excited kangaroo, he’s willing to share what he’s got.

– Then so am I, says Jesus, let’s offer it to God, then offer it to the people and see what happens.

– So you are going to do it, says Phil.

– Of course. With your help. You feed them. I’ll be right there with you.

– Can’t you just do a miracle? says Phil.

– I am doing a miracle, and I’m doing it through you.

John chapter 6

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