Monday Rewrite: Two Prayers

In the garden of Gethsemane

Jesus prayed two prayers:

‘Rescue me’ and ‘Let it be.’

‘If possible take this cup from me.’

Then, ‘Not my will but yours.’

Two prayers often on our lips.

Though it is often hard to know

Which is the right one,

And we hover between both prayers.

‘Rescue me, set me free from this.’

Or ‘Let it be, your will be done in and through me.’

Either way be glorified in us please,

Though we often feel anything but glorious.

Let your will be done, let your glory shine

Through the gaps and cracks and flaws,

And if we take wrong turns,

Then take those too and shine through please,

It’s hard to pray ‘Let it be’ at times,

Sometimes it’s hard to even utter, ‘Rescue me.’

Be our strength, be our prayer today please.

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