Wednesday Riff: Holy Trudgery

Keeping going, nothing spectacular, faithfully walking,

Long obedience in a good direction,

Trudging on, setting your face, inspiring others,

Drawing them to look where you are looking too.

One foot in front of the other.

Not drudgery, though it may sometimes feel hard,

But a step-by-step-by-step pilgrimage.

Heading somewhere that takes patience and resolve,

Your inner eyes set on something more,

Something greater, something brighter,

The now and the not yet, the way, truth and life,

The one who was, is and will be,

The road less travelled but worth each mile.

We have set out for our Father’s house,

And though there are many moments of meandering,

And a fistful of distractions and detours,

We are still heading in that pilgrim direction.

Keep going, nothing spectacular, faithfully walking,

Setting our faces, one step at a time, holy trudgery.

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