Wednesday Riff: I Still Believe

I still believe, though I’m often haunted by doubt,

I still believe, though the road goes uphill at times.

I still believe in truth though life has its shams,

I still believe in safe-distancing though I often forget,

I still believe in caring though I often don’t.

I still believe in trying, though I often fail,

I still believe in the light though the clouds hover,

I still believe in hope, in spite of the despair.

I still believe in grace, though blame hangs heavy,

I still believe in You, and believe You believe in me,

Though the questions and distractions mount up.

I still believe in changing the world one smile at a time,

And I still believe that we were made for love and peace.

And I still believe we are no accident, all precious and unique,

And I still believe that You are the source of all hope and life.

I still believe.

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