Film Friday Reflection: Free Guy

‘Don’t have a good day – have a great day!’

So says Guy to those he meets each morning. Guy is living the perfect life – or so he thinks. He is actually an automated character in a video game. Just there in the background living the same life all the time, no variation, no personality, no possibilities of change. Then one day he puts on a pair of sunglasses and sees the whole world differently. He sees what the players in the game see, the colours, the action, the perspective and possibilities. With shades of the Truman Show and The Matrix, this is a story about eyes being opened and lives being changed by a new discovery. I often think that the good news of Jesus is a bit like one of those magic eye pictures. At first you look at it and it looks a little strange and blurry, the image is unclear, but then, as you tune in, the picture comes alive, and you see with a whole new set of eyes. Jesus talked about himself as being like a vine, something we connect to and begin our lives afresh. Like putting on those glasses for Guy. Not necessarily making life easier, Guy’s existence becomes more complex really, but it’s fuller and richer. A whole new way of being. Jesus also spoke of being like a road for taking a whole new journey. And he described himself as fresh bread, food that can truly satisfy. He invited us to make a start, not with all the answers or on the strength of our ability, but because he was offering us a hand of invitation and a kind word of encouragement.

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