Monday Rewrite: Walking Miracles

A thought – miracles often come complete with skin and bone, flesh and blood. As Saul looks up now, dust and grime on his face, his threats and sadness and bitterness still hanging around him heavy in the air, he sees a blinding light and hears a voice in the sky. Calling his name. A miracle. But before long there’ll be a hesitant caller come looking for him, another kind of miracle, a person sent to help him, to rescue him, to offer him a smile and an open hand. And after that another person called Barnabas will guide him along, nudge him and befriend him and believe in him. And so many others will do the same. Damascus road isn’t just about a voice and a light, it’s about the flawed, ordinary people who get involved because they love God. Walking miracles.

Acts 9 v 1-19

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