Tuesday Riff: Awareness

‘Now one day,’ the prophet says,
Perhaps standing in the town square as they speak,
‘The earth will be filled with the awareness
Of the glory of God, as the waters cover the sea.’
The glory that is all around, yet sometimes missed.
In creation and nature, in the glimpses of beauty,
In the colours and the hues, in the great and tiny.
In those moments of kindness and caring,
In the hands reaching across boundaries,
In the truth that sets people free,
And the love that goes the extra mile.
In the courage of those who go against the grain,
In the unseen acts of help repeated each day.
In the refusal to criticise when it’s the thing to do,
In the building up of others, rather than tearing down,
In the moments of calm in the daily chaos,
In the continuing prayers we send up for each other.
One day the earth will be filled with the awareness
Of the glory of God, when a new day dawns,
Until then we keep our eyes peeled
For glimpses of that glory.

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