Wednesday Riff: Bones

Bones are popular this time of year,

bones and cobwebs and darkness,

ghosts and grim apparitions in white sheets,

and masks fixed in a permanent scream.

So it is, that the darkness ‘shines’ on,

And the shadows lurk once more.

And yet I am convinced of something.

That neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,

neither the present, nor the past, nor the future,

neither darkness nor terror, nor fears or worries or superstitions,

nor ghoulish pumpkins, or predatory cobwebs,

nor grim apparitions or masks fixed in permanent screams…

I am convinced there is nothing so big, or so overpowering,

nothing at all, that can ever separate us

from the light of the world and the love of God,

gifted to us in that man from Nazareth,

the prince of peace, our battle-hardened saviour.

One whose flesh and bones broke free

from death and darkness and shadows.

This king of courage and compassion,

who understands our masks and costumes,

and brings clarity into our confusion,

Jesus our Lord, our friend and our God.

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