A Tuesday Riff: Eagles

Why are we so down, why do we think God has forgotten us?
‘God is not on my case,’ we might say, ‘His focus is elsewhere.’
Have we forgotten so soon? Or maybe never heard the good news?
God continues forever and is always with us,
he fashioned life and knows its workings,
and so understands every trouble, every burden,
he will not be distracted or wander away from us.
We may often feel as if his attention is elsewhere,
as our worries come piling down on us yet again,
The grit of life gets under our nails,
the doubts appear like walls before us,
but we can bring our trials to the one who never panics,
the one who never feels weak at the knees,
or sick to the stomach with fear.
He has strength to share with us, and his courage can give us hope.
Young or old we often run out of resources,
but he never does, and he is generous and kind,
when we fall and stumble he can lift us up,
when life knocks us down again,
he can supply what we need to rise up once more.
The one who made the skies
and the eagles that soar on the winds,
is able to lift us and carry us when we falter.
He can keep us going when all we want to do is stop.
He is our reason, our life, and the road we travel.
So do not be discouraged, do not lose heart.

Isaiah 40

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