Monday Rewrite: The Key

I had everything and nothing.
Wealth, status, power, they lay around me like yesterday’s toys.
You can be the envy of others who don’t know the rest of you.
The shame, the regret, the burden of the past.
Which is why I was staring at the words that day.
The words and phrase and the sentences.
I had this deep sense that this was about something else.
Something with a key to unlock a better way.
A better door.
Thank God I spotted him.
Dusty and grinning and waiting by that ancient crossroads.
Lurking at the good way.
Thank God he had upped and left what he was doing so he could be there.
I feared for a moment he might be a bandit after my finery.
But then I remembered how little the finery was worth.
‘Who is this guy writing about?’ I say to him, ‘because he sounds like me. A man acquainted with trouble and loss.’
And thank God he knew. And was gentle with his answer.
‘This guy is Jesus, and he knows trouble and pain and death and rejection,’ he says to me, ‘and he has taken all of that into the depths of his life and bathed it in resurrection.’
‘So… this can help me?’
And even as I say this I feel an explosion growing inside me.
New life. Nothing to do with finery or wealth or influence or trophies.
And so it begins. I begin. Again.
Thank God for these two men. The dusty, cheerful one waiting at the crossroads of my life, and the one who gave everything for me. For us.
Thank God for new starts and burdens lifted and a way to live that has nothing to do with being the richest or the smartest or the most powerful.
And has everything to do with Jesus.

Acts chapter 8 verses 26-40

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