Wednesday Riff: Longings

Don’t want to be told who I am,
By the flash and the pressure,
Of the advertising scam.
Don’t want to be told what I need,
By deceptive messages fuelling greed.
Don’t want to be told where I should go,
By a wandering world that doesn’t really know,
Don’t want to be pressured about what I should do,
I’d rather be shaped by knowing you.
I’d rather be nurtured and discover what’s real
From one who has not come to steal,
I’d rather find out what to say and do,
From one dedicated to what is true.
I’d rather find the way and the road I can take,
From one in whom nothing is fake.
Lead me to the well that never runs dry,
To the one who is higher than you and I.
Lead me to the one whose knowledge is complete,
Who is full of kindness and washes our feet.
The one who is love and knows the best way,
The one who won’t leave or turn away.

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