Monday Rewrite: Fear

A reading for one or two voices.

1. If God had let worry cloud his vision he may well not have set the wheels of time in motion.
2. If he had stopped to think of all that could go wrong he may well not have set the stars in place.
1. Given form to the planets. Set animals and plants on earth. And given life to people.
2. If he had let fear creep in he may well not have decided to visit us.
1. He may well not have let his son leave heaven at all.
2. And if his son had allowed fear to step in then he wouldn’t have come to earth as a fragile baby.
1. He wouldn’t have risked disease and death in a germ-filled animal trough.
2. He wouldn’t have touched sick people.
1. He wouldn’t have spent time with criminals.
2. And he wouldn’t have visited the homes of his enemies.
1. If he had seen sense then he may not have made friends
with ordinary, bumbling, meandering, impetuous, fearful types.
1. Like us.
2. He wouldn’t have chosen to walk into the wind, against the crowd.
1. Wouldn’t have risked being different.
2. Wouldn’t have dared to challenge the things that were accepted, yet wrong.
1. If he had given in to doubt and despondency then he may not have got into trouble.
2. He may well have avoided arrest and injury, trial and punishment.
1. And he may even have escaped death itself.
2. But history tells a different tale.
1. And whether fearful or not, he did do these things,
plunging himself into the hues and shades of every reality.
2. To bring life and light in the gloom, purpose in the confusion,
order in the chaos, kindness in the cynicism and cruelty.
1. And to lead us from the land of fear to the land of hope.

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