Wednesday Riff: Christmas King

And so this festive season falls once more,
The Autumn hues melting into hopeful wonder,
Perhaps snow will twinkle like so many diamonds,
Sprinkled liberally across the winter ground.
Carols and familiar tunes sweep across the airwaves,
The shortest day dawns, and tinselled shelves glitter,
The trees cast their light in a hundred colours, and
Scarves, hats and jumpers turn us all into waddling bundles.
And we might think on you, the maker of snow and lights,
The creator of music, the one who sang us into being,
And sent angels to serenade shepherds
With tales of a monarch that anyone could meet.
The sender of light that can never be extinguished,
The Peace-on-earth-Prince, present in the chaos,
With us in the disorder, eternal and close,
Bells of hope chime and echo the news:
God is with us, full of grit and guts and glory,
More than a sack-carrying-Santa,
He arrives again with the greatest present.
For the present. And for the past. And for the future.
The Christmas king.

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