Wednesday Riff: Wherever

In the house, on the street,
In the places where we meet,
In the bath, or on the loo,
When we’re making the stew.

When we’re huffing and puffing
And racing through the day,
When we’re scratching our head
When we don’t know the way.

Dancing or wheeling or standing still,
Strong or weak or sad or ill,
In all these times – guess what – we’re able
To meet with God ‘cause of the Christmas stable.

He landed when Mary said ‘All right then, yes’,
And trusted Joseph not to make a mess…
…Of the plan and to say that he’d agree
So God could meet with you and me.

We hope that Christmas is good for you,
And we hope you bump into Jesus too,
May the Prince of Peace calm your fear,
And help you through this coming year.

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