Film Friday Classic: Grease

There is a moment I love in Grease, when Danny is posing with his mates, trying to be cool for them and to impress the girls. And then he makes eye contact with the leader of the Pink Ladies, Rizzo, and in that moment their eyes say everything. She looks at him and holds his gaze as if to say, ‘Danny Zucco – you’re a fake, and I know you’re a fake, and now you know I know you’re a fake.’ It’s so hard to make it through life without putting on a pose, to cover our weaknesses and to look as if we can cope. We all have times when we need to do it. And often we don’t even know how to be something other than a manufactured version of our true selves. But Lord please help us to be a little bit more real, and in doing so, help others be a little more real and honest too. Amen.

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