Film Friday Thought: The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

In this film the character of Louis struggles to connect with the world and others, it is only when he falls in love with his sisters’ governess Emily, that he finds a way to connect. She describes him as a prism, a channel for showing the beauty of the world to others through his painting. It was a film I found very moving, not least because I struggle to connect at times, and am grateful for others who help me do that. I think too that there is a sense in which we are called to be prism’s in our different ways, channels of goodness and light for others. We’re created to be unique, with our own wisdom, faith and insights, but we can feel adrift in a world where conformity helps you get by. If you feel adrift today then I pray you will know something of the way you have been created by a God who values and cherishes you, and doesn’t demand that you merely ‘fit in’ to please others.


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