Film Friday Thought: Enemy of the State

One of my favourite films – Will Smith, aka Robert Dean, goes on the run when he gets caught up in some unpleasant shenanigans with some nasty villainous-types. It’s a story about surveillance, because Robert finds he is unable to avoid detection from cameras and tracking devices. No matter how fast or far he runs, he is being forever watched. A film ahead of its time really. The Bible subverts that idea. What if we are always on the radar of someone who cares about us? What if we can never escape the presence of a kind and deeply interested creator? What if we are never put on hold when we call him, never find ourselves invited to press buttons 1,2,3 or 4. by a metallic message from a machine, or have to listen to an endlessly-looped tinny version of Beethoven’s Fifth. Psalm 23 v 4 holds the promise that wherever we go God is there ahead of us. Nowhere too damp or dark or distant. No place too lost or lonely or alien. An ever-present God, and not one who is looking to catch us out, or bear down on us with a critical look in his eye, but rather looking to catch us when we fall, and coming alongside us in Jesus.

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