Monday Rewrite: A Hillside for the World

And seeing the crowds he sat down on a hillside and began to teach them, and more and more people came to hear him.  Some were looking at their mobile phones at the time and so missed every third word, which led to some misunderstanding. Others were waiting to take selfies with him, while some came and took photos of the scene – Jesus calmly sitting there against the backdrop of advertising billboards, restless traffic and a thousand gleaming city lights. So small in front of the vast sprawl of modern life. Yet eager and willing to sit with those who would come and find him. Out of time and unbothered by trends and progress and popularity. And though he had no amplification or video screen or PowerPoint presentation, yet people were able to hear and see, and those with hungry hearts found his message hitting home, bringing light into their eyes, a lift in their spirits, and strength for their tired bodies. And though he was offered big-money contracts and glamorous deals by those with grand intentions, he kept his focus on the people there. Telling stories which drew them into conversation and invited them to banter with him and ask questions and offer opinions. And so he stayed on that hillside, whatever the weather, and for as long as there were people who were searching for reality and meaning, appreciation and kindness. And though at time it cost him dearly, he never complained and he always kept his focus, listening to his heavenly father and doing his work among the people.

Luke 8 v 4-15

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