Monday Rewrite: What We Can

As the woman anoints him with her exorbitant perfume, he can see the disdain on the sneers of those around, their thoughts scrawled large, like newsprint, across their faces. So Jesus says, ‘Don’t judge her, because you don’t understand, she has done a beautiful thing, she has done what she could…’

And so he looks around today. At us. This mishmash we call humanity.

And he waits to see what we will do with our time and strength, our ideas and gifts.

Still saying to those who think they know better. ‘Don’t judge, because you don’t understand, they have done a beautiful thing, they have done what they could… to make life better, not worse.’

And that’s who we are, people who do what we can, not wasting energy on the need to judge what we don’t understand, but doing what we can, with our strengths and weaknesses, our personalities and experience, our fear and courage.

We do what we can.

Mark 14 v 3-9

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