Wednesday Riff: Through Your Eyes

Not easy to appreciate the small things

The way that you do,

In a world where the frenetic scramble for

Success, popularity, accolades, and awards,

Is not only applauded but encouraged.

It’s hard to turn things around and

See reality through your eyes.

The way you value faithfulness in the small things,

The way you cherish care for the underachievers,

The way you value mavericks, strugglers, and stumblers,

The little and the lost, the broke and the broken.

Hard to see the world upside-down,

Where the currency is humility, appreciation, and patience,

And where the deep truth remains that we are all the same

When it comes to our need of affirmation, meaning and acceptance,

When it comes to our desire for a place free of shame,

When it comes to our sometimes-unrecognised longing for you.

Not easy to see things through your eyes,

So, please give us glimpses, today and each day.

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