Film Friday: The Last Duel

This film features one of the most intense and gripping fight scenes I’ve seen in a good long while, as the two leads, Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris battle it out for the life of the wronged Marguerite de Carrouges. This is a brutal and no-holds-barred dogfight to the death, in a story where men dominate, and women are often seen as little more than property. It’s a tough watch and that duel grabs the viewer by the throat with the stakes being so high. This an extreme story, as are so many about the mistreatment of women in history. And it reminds me once more that Jesus lived in a time when women were seen as second-class citizens. However, he bucked the trend of his time and culture. He refused to conform and instead highly valued the women he met and involved them in his work and life and vision for the future. He told stories where they were the heroes, he befriended them, applauded their actions and pointed these out to the men he was with. Plus he relied on them for help, support and as witnesses to the whole new way of life he was ushering in. Many women chose to come with him and lay their lives on the line for him. They stuck by him through his arrest, death and resurrection and were key leaders and dedicated followers amongst the first Christians.

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