Monday Rewrite: The Blame Game

They want him to join in, to point out what this man has done wrong, to call him out for his mistakes and misdemeanours. To put him down so that others can big themselves up. But Jesus won’t do that, he hasn’t come to hem people in, to accuse them or dismiss them, to manipulate or relegate anyone. He has come to bring hope and a light in the darkness, and welcome for those ostracised by others. To mend hearts and break chains. And so, instead of hurling accusations around, and spouting self-justifying unkindness, he smiles at the man and offers him the good news of God. He opens his eyes to a world way bigger. He brings him a new start and conjures warmth and courage. His friends look on wide-eyed themselves. This challenges their own expectations, shatters their small worldviews, and blows open their limited ideas about God. They’ll never be the same again. The man meanwhile goes away, to wash the mud off his eyes and find daylight bursting upon him like a sudden flurry of a snowstorm. He wasn’t perfect, far from it, but that wasn’t the point. Jesus has come to bring new life, new insight and new forgiveness, and to draw us away from the darkness of judging and criticising, towards the light that sets us free to live again. He knows that compassion can coax us out of the shadows of our fear, and that a little faith, hope and love can change the world.

John 9 v 1-7

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