Monday Rewrite: The Great Influencer

Not one who merely talks through a phone or tablet screen,
not mentioning the new and trendy products that he’s been
wearing or using – not here for applause or merchandise,
but with truth on his lips and raw kindness in his eyes.
He’s not sponsored to sell or say something fake,
not here to push anything, he’s not on the take.

Yet he’s the greatest influencer the world has ever known,
in it for the universe, and for all those lonely or alone.
He’s been spotted in the places where the mud and anger fly,
in the darkness on the edge of town, where people live and die.
And most commonly he’s pinned to a form of ancient death,
held there by a tyranny that stole his choking breath.
Yet from that place of dirt and darkest desecration
he emerged with wounded hands gripping seeds of resurrection.
Eternal seeds of strength, forgiveness, faith and hope and light,
right here in the midst of a world that’s far from right.

He continues to walk the spattered pavements of the planet,
with eternal perspective, from the one who first began it,
Living life with open hands, and challenging the proud,
bringing comfort and strength to those lost in the crowd.
For some the merest glimpse of him changes everything,
for others it can be a more dramatic happening.
While others still cry out and long for something more,
and others wonder what their time on earth is for,
his influencing voice goes on speaking day by day,
that calm and quiet call on life’s precious, wounded way.

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