Film Friday: Phantom of the Open

Back in 1976 Maurice Flitcroft entered The British Open Golf Championship. He’d never played a round of golf in his life and became famous for making the highest score in history. The thing was, he’d lost his job as a crane driver and decided to pursue his dream. Maurice isn’t put off by the challenges he faces though, in one conversation he tells Seve Ballesteros, every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new about golf. ‘Love your mistakes,’ he says, ‘and you can’t go wrong.’ It takes a lot of character to do that, most of us want to get it right. I do anyway. Yet the Bible is fearless in recording the mistakes of so many. Peter is famous for sinking when he tried to walk on water, in spite of the fact that he actually took a few steps on the stuff. And Thomas is forever known as doubting, despite being a man of great courage and honesty. The first followers of Jesus learnt so much from their mistakes, as has been the case all through history. The ages are littered with those of us who love God but regularly trip over our feet. (When not shoving them firmly in our mouth!) It’s the best reason in the world for getting to know Jesus, he’s the best person to go to with all our mistakes, regrets and muddling.

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