Monday Rewrite: Jesus on a Dull Day

Jesus on a dull day,
There were many of these,
When nothing much came his way,
Just hammers, nails and bits of trees.

He’s famous for the full days,
Of miracles and signs,
Of arguments with pharisees
And weddings full of wine.

But Jesus had the dull days,
With not much going on,
So he understands our own ways,
When the streams of life meander on.

And Jesus had his bad days,
When the world it brought him low,
When friends and enemies alike
Just did not want to know.

Being fully human, now that meant
Living life like us,
Knowing arguments and banter,
Frustrations, fears, frowns and fuss.

And taking all that with him,
Washing feet on his knees,
He went from Gethsemane to Calvary,
To hammers, nails and killing trees.

Jesus had his dull days,
Thirty years and more,
God with skin on, full of life,
That’s what he came here for.

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