Wednesday Riff: The Revolution

The revolution goes on, led by subtle rebels,
And faithful, courageous, ordinary radicals,
In the smiles and the serving and the showing of love,
In the grind and the grit, in the rush and the shove.
Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day,
Learning from mistakes along the way,
Making few headlines and rarely televised,
As they choose the slow lane of the lost and despised.
Doing what they can to make compassion cool,
The currency of love frequently more costly than fuel,
Often seeming small, and yet worlds are changed,
In the moments of caring, and despair rearranged.
The revolution goes on, along that narrow lane,
And the tables of cynicism are overturned again.
And that invisible crowd is urging us on,
With their stadium cheers and their heavenly song,
Compassion empowered, inspired from above,
And the world is changed by kindness and love.

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