Monday Rewrite: Signs and Wonders

(A chief angel is issuing orders to an impressive army of angels when he is interrupted by a minor cherub.)

Right you lot listen up! Order in the ranks there. Thank you! Now, we need to recruit a vast army of well-disciplined superheroes, a battle-ready bunch of match-fit folks who can change the world. Those with steel in their veins and grit in their hearts.
Er… excuse me… sir…
Not now, can’t you see I’m busy. So! This is the vital task. I want you lot of angels to get out on earth and handpick the tough and resilient, the strong and the achievers, the powerful and the mighty.
Er… sir…
Quiet! There’s a vital mission unfolding here, can’t you see? Now where was I? Oh yes, find the fleetest of foot, the strongest of faith and the sharpest of minds. Got it? We want tough cookies, living legends, high-flyers, top dogs, whiz kids, hotshots and brains the size of planets. Okay?
(Sighs) Well?! Yes?! What is it?
Well, I’m dreadfully sorry to interrupt sir, but I’ve been asked to give you this message. It comes from the Highest Authority. You know, the Boss.
I know who the Highest Authority is!
Right. Of course. Absolutely.
So? Well? What?
Here sir. It’s on this bit of paper.
(Sighs, takes the paper, and then reads it aloud) ‘Make sure you enlist all those who feel lost and forgotten and weak and silly and poor and worthless and unable to do the job. Those who without me would be building on sand rather than rock. I want these small people to be the signs of my presence in the world as they respond to my nudges and whispers.’ (Pause, frowns) What? Is that it? This?? This is the plan? This’ll never work.
Well… apparently the Boss has history using these sorts of folk.
I know the Boss’s history all right!
I’m sure he’d be all right with you calling one or two of the powerful and successful people too. I don’t think he’d mind too much.
Oh really? You don’t think he’d mind, do you? That’s big of you! And just who wrote this message? Look at the paper, it’s all tatty and stained and crumpled. Not to mention the handwriting.
I wrote it sir, in a bit of a hurry, spilt my milk and honey on it. But I don’t think it’s so much about the paper or the writing, it’s the message on it.
Shut up! I can see the message all right, thank you. And I find it hard to believe that people like this are up for the job.
I’m not sure they are, sir, that’s the thing. It’ll be the Boss’s doing, it’s his job. They just join in when and how they can. That’s the wonder of it.
That’s the what?
The wonder of it. Doing what they’ve been designed to do. Cause if he doesn’t pick these people, who will do the things only they can do? They’re the ones. With all their questioning and struggling and uncertainty. That’s… you know… as I said the… erm… the wonder of it…

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