How long had he known?
How long had he carried the promise?
Did he sense it years before Mary was even born?
Did he have days when he questioned it?
Doubted the conviction within him?
Wondered if it was just his imagination?
Did he make mistakes, identify the wrong baby?
Have to hurry away red-faced and gutted once more?
Did others know and make fun of him?
Did some secretly admire his faithful belief?
Were there days when it all seemed too much?
Nights when he wished it hadn’t come his way?
Did he sometimes feel lonely and misunderstood?
And what did it feel like on that day?
When the young couple stepped shyly in,
And his heart thumped a resounding yes,
As he took the weight and warmth of the promised saviour
In his liver-spotted, gnarly arms,
This child with bright hope in his wide eyes,
And the promise of a better way in his perfect tiny fingers.

Luke 2 v 25-35

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