Now… stands and listens, slows up, tunes in.
Restless… wanders, paces, pauses, twists,
flinches then paces some more.
Hurry… can’t stand still for a second.
Present… sees what is going on beneath the surface.
Past… is always looking over their shoulder.
Future… can’t wait for the next minute,
it’s bound to be better.
Stuck… feels the weight of past chains.
Now… is that place, that moment, that person,
that opportunity, that pausing, that breath
amidst the restless hurry.
Present… is that gift of these seconds,
placing the past to one side,
and recognising that the future is for later.
Gethsemane… is a place of wrestling and growth,
Calvary… a place to keep bringing the chains,
The Garden Tomb… is a place of daily resurrection.
And Now is the time for all these things.


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