Sometimes it seems as if
There is so much space between us,
Acres of uneven ground to cover,
No one’s reason or fault particularly,
Just contrasts of place, life, purpose, focus, meaning, language.
Sometimes the way is easy,
The channels are open, and the view is clear,
A bright connection on a sunny day.

You and I have made so many journeys together,
Had so many meetings of mind and heart,
And there will be more, no doubt.
But at times there is so much emotional terrain to cover,
A landscape of hedges, mountains, potholes, and rivers,
Reaching you is a colossal task,
And the effort involved is mighty.
I am me and you are you,
Your thoughts are yours and my thoughts are mine,
And at times these come together and embrace;
May your love and hope and courage and strength
Meet with mine today and may we walk in step together.

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