Living Letters

I’m a living parable.
You’re a living parable.
A many-layered tale that others constantly read.
Friends, strangers, passers-by,
work colleagues, shop assistants, family,
we may not realise it,
we may not ask for it,
we may not expect it,
yet others notice and read us, and we notice and read others,

The prose, the poetry, the one-liners and monologues,
of our being, doing, thinking and saying,
the spelling mistakes, and bad grammar,
the mispronunciation and forgetting our lines.
The questions and jokes and comments,
the body language and crossings out.
We all come a cropper, put a foot in the mouth at times,
but we also tell stories of hope and meaning,
and Lord you interpret these to others,
you pass them through the filter of your grace.
Please keep doing that, whether we know it or not.

2 Corinthians 3 v 2b
‘Your lives are a letter written in our hearts;¬†everyone
can read it and recognize our good work among you.’

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