This & Turning Those Tables


Some days it’s a breeze,
And everything make sense,
Sometimes it’s like walking into the wind.
Some days everything clicks,
Like a well-oiled machine,
Sometimes it’s like trying to fit two different jigsaws together.
Some days it’s like cycling downhill
With the wind at your back,
Sometimes it’s like trekking uphill through a storm.
This quest, this faith, this following,
This way of life, this call, this narrow gate,
This voyage of discovery, this challenging adventure.

+ + +

Turning Those Tables

You keep on turning those tables,
Refuse to let things gather dust,
I may regularly tidy the furniture,
But you continue to rearrange it,
You won’t settle for stagnant,
Your bring your spirit and truth,
And with love in both hands,
Upend those things which keep you at bay.
You knew the systems of your day,
Which kept people away from God,
And you know them today too.
And so here you come again,
Wanting to clear the way,
Towards something steeped in reality.
A path laced with hope, and forgiveness,
Marked with your footprints and fingerprints,
A road you have walked yourself.

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