We build our barricades,
Sometimes we have to,
Life throws its missiles at us
and our defences go up.
Mishap… misadventure… mistreatment…
These things come our way,
and we have to find a way through,
so we build our barricades.
One man came with a different vision
and people built their barricades against him,
and then one day they took him and they nailed him
to their barricades… and when they took him down
they found there was a space, a gap through.
He had made a way that would never be closed again,
and so our barricades don’t necessarily hem us in anymore.
Sometimes the way through is not easy to spot,
being cloaked in shadows and seeming inconsequential,
at other times it can be more obvious.
But the barricades have been breached,
and there’s a gap which can never be closed,
a man-shaped way of grace,
his arms outstretched in sacrifice and welcome.

Parables Remix

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