‘Life Finds a Way’

‘Life Finds a Way.’

This is a quote from the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World series of movies. It appears on one of the posters. And it came to mind yesterday when I was speaking at one of my Film and Faith sessions at Lee Abbey. I was speaking about the film Belfast, and the way that the good and bad of life is all mixed together in that story. You see the troubles and the terror break across people’s lives, but alongside these you see the joy and wonder and kindness of a community pulling together. It reminded me of Jesus’s parable about the wheat and the weeds in Matthew 13 v 24-30. A farmer sows good seeds in his field but as they grow weeds sprout up alongside them, but he tells his servants not to pull up the weeds as this might damage the good wheat. For now the two grow alongside each other. In another parable Jesus likens the kingdom of God to yeast working its way through dough. The thing about yeast is that it is unstoppable, it is in its nature to grow and develop. Just like the kingdom of God. The weeds of trouble continue to grow in this world, but so too does the kingdom of Life, with a capital L. It is in its nature, and two billion Christians across the globe, and many more down the ages, can tell their stories and testify to that. Life finds a way. It will keep growing. Often in unexpected place, and often among the weeds. Perhaps if Christianity were a doctrine or a set of rules then it would have faded long ago. But Jesus named himself as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And in amongst the distractions and fakery, True Life finds a Way. A long time ago the mighty Roman Empire did battle with the Kingdom of God on a bleak hillside of crosses and suffering and heartbreak. We know how that turned out, the Roman Empire is now a history lesson. The kingdom of God is today’s news, today’s hope, today’s true-life story, in which lives are being changed and challenged and comforted. We face pressure and trouble, but in the midst of these Jesus is with us. Always.

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