What is praying?
Kneeling down, hands together eyes closed?
Lifting our hands and faces to heaven?
Sitting quietly, saying nothing?
Sensing the presence of God in the face of another?
Clenching our hands and faces in frustration?
Caring about the lack and asking why?
Smiling, laughing, sharing a subtle, twinkling grin?
Crying. Weeping. Sobbing as our heart breaks yet again?
Growling through tight lips?
Wrongfooting ourselves with an unexpected serenity?
Helplessly letting the burdens fall away?
Relaxing and feeling everything else fall away?
Walking, cycling, surfing, climbing, standing still?
Strength for the journey and a reason for going on?
That still small voice that helps us cope with the noise?

All of the aboveā€¦ or something else entirely?

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