I may go to church and attend lots of meetings.
I may write and share a few lines like these,
I may scribble all the right phrases,
And say the right things and appear correct.
I may campaign and speak up and wave a flag,
I may point out what is wrong with the world,
I may pray a lot and read my Bible,
I may know the right answers and pose the best questions…
But if I don’t have love in my being then
I am just a piercing car alarm or a noisy neighbour,
I am just the sound of the wind howling around.
Without love I am an empty vessel,
Without love I am just a screeching car,
Passing you by on the road to nowhere.
I may have a million followers, or none at all,
I may be flavour of the month, or the odd one out,
But if I have love then I have the greatest of things.
Love lasts forever, it cares, it listens, it learns,
It stops, it slows down, it waits, it is willing to change tack.
Love is kind and unafraid of looking foolish,
Love is that light which never goes out.

(1 Corinthians 13)

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