Age to Age & Unique


Our God is not made of wood, glass, or bricks,
Or the latest AI, or computer chips,
No superhero or jungle-bound star,
Can’t be contained or sealed in a jar.
Not found going cheap with a sell-by date,
Not bound by superstition or fate.
Our God does not break, or fade away,
Needs no software upgrade from day to day.
The author of life, the designer of days,
Not passing or trending, or the latest craze.
Endless and brimming with ideas and love,
Behind and beneath us, around and above.
Unique and perfect and set apart,
Yet longing to live in each human heart.

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Age to Age

From all ages, for all ages,
Forever relevant, forever alive,
From the praise of children’s lips,
To the wisdom of experience.
Our mind and our bodies may grow weak,
But you are our strength and our breath.
Proclaim your love in us and through us,
To every generation and every walk of life.
May the young find refuge in your shadow,
May the busy find rest in your shade,
May the restless find peace in your promises,
May the old find comfort in your faithfulness.
May we soar on wings of eagles,
And with the passing of days,
Enable us please, to run, then walk, then sit with you.
We will place our hope in you,
However strong we may feel,
The days and nights of this age
May be full of distraction and worry,
But you are the one who carries us through,
You are our song and our strength and our salvation.
Psalm 71

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