Faint Faith & Longing

Moving molehills rather than mountains,
walking on puddles
in the shallows of the sea,
carrying a lightweight palm cross,
smooth and slender in my hands,
limping down this Calvary road,
so many stones in my shoes.
Though resurrection memories fade,
I’m heartened by the cracking of a new dawn,
the miracle of the first morning light.
Holding onto a sapling of trust,
amidst the wearying winds of doubt,
loving a little and fearing too,
praying prayers of longing,
in the muddle of each earthy day.
Yet this mustard seed of faint faith,
is known and valued by you,
and I hold onto that.

Matthew 11 v 28-29


We long for you to hear us,
Long for our prayers to be answered.
We long for more people to know you,
Long for your loving power to be seen again,
Rather than the failings of ourselves and others.
We long for truth and justice rather than fake news,
We long for your mercy and kindness on our streets.
We long for others to see the good in knowing you,
We long to be set free from so much bad news.
We long for joy instead of heartache,
We long for peace instead of our fears.
We long to know more of you,
And we long to know what it means to know more of you.
In the dry and dusty places of life,
We long for refreshing waters and green pastures.
We long for everyone to have enough,
And we long for the day when longing will cease.

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