Going Through It & Life


Life is full of places,
and tasks.
We all know them,
we all face them.
Suppose there was someone full of life,
tucked away in those places,
and tasks
we encounter each day.
With us, beside us, shoring us up, inspiring us,
giving us the strength and direction,
ideas and words,
that we so eagerly and desperately need.

Going Through It

How hard must it have been?
Jesus had predicted his friends would run…
but he would be all right because his father was with him.
Never alone because he and his father were always together.
The world might reject and disappoint him,
his friends might misunderstand and talk back,
but he was in the father and the father was in him.
So how hard was it for him,
in the worst of places at the worst of times,
to find himself abandoned, cut loose from his father,
ruined and crying, ‘My God, why have you abandoned me!’
A soul-tearing sound, piercing through the darkest moments.
Perhaps for us, when we feel alone and abandoned,
misunderstood and rejected.
This man of sorrow going through it too.
John 16 v 32 & Mark 15 v 34

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