The Great Gardener & Better

The Great Gardener wanders through our hearts and minds,
Looking for treasure in unexpected places,
The rocky fields of our lives
Yielding pearls that only he can find.
Precious things hidden by the mud and mire of life,
Waiting to be found by the Great Gardener,
The one who can clear away the spikes and the weeds,
Of worry and distraction and trouble,
And so discover the living things,
The gifts waiting to be offered and shared,
Those things he has placed deep within us,
From that time before time,
From the beginning of all things.

Ephesians 2 v 10
‘He creates each of us through Jesus to join him in the work he does,
the good and vital work he has prepared for us to do.’


I want to encourage you,
to lift you up,
to give you a smile,
and a kind word,
but things get in the way.
Time pressures, mood swings,
fear of embarrassment,
lack of the right words.
So if I don’t say it out loud,
please know that somewhere within me
there is the desire to make this moment better for you. 

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