Time and Adults

Two more short readings –

I wonder how many of us are trying to be adults,
When we never really fitted in those clothes,
Our hearts and minds elsewhere,
In another time and another place perhaps.
The adult world too harsh, too full of responsibility,
Longing for a day when we can let it all go,
And the world can feel new and full of wonder once more.
‘I have stilled and quieted myself,
just as a small child is quiet with its mother.
Yes, like a small child is my soul within me.’

Psalm 131

Help me to appreciate the time,
The days, the moments,
The good things in life,
No matter how small or fleeting.
Help me not to wish it all away,
But to cherish the precious gifts,
The tiny details and the moments of calm.
Don’t let the good be lost in the scrum of the difficult,
Help me to glimpse the glory in the everyday,
The new mercies in the same-old,
Open my eyes when they are clouded
By the need to move faster or get more done,
And quicken my spirit, when it is dulled
By life’s pressures, worries, and demands.
Save me from myself when it’s hard to cope with the now,

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