A Prayer

Holy Spirit of God,
Please blow through our shops and supermarkets,
Through our libraries and sports centres,
Through our cinemas and parks,
Through our schools and universities,
Through our homes and streets,
Through our places of work and unemployment.
Refresh us and turn our hearts and minds to you,
Open our eyes to your source of life and caring,
Soften our hearts and harden our feet,
So we may walk in your footprints again,
Save us from merely going through the motions,
Free us to be people rooted in you,
Energised by love and trust.
Free us from the slavery of blame and self-obsession,
Let your ways of justice and humility quicken our spirits,
Save us from the small talk that masks deep need,
Open our eyes to the pain and poison in our popular cynicism.
In this age of questions and fluid truth restore our confidence in you,
Make your home in our neighbourhoods once more,
And may the compass of your love show us the way to go.


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