Nearly There & Valley


A world of upheaval, as if we live in trouble valley.
How we need a door of hope, some joy of salvation,
this reservoir of tears turned to a storehouse of gladness.
Minds get dulled by confusion,
hearts pummelled by the giants of ambition,
people cast aside when compassion grows cold.
The world seems to be heading the wrong way
down a one-way street of cacophony,
towards a cul-de-sac of misdirection.
Yet the pockets of light still shine,
and the hopeful call whispers to us,
as subtle signs point towards the door of hope
in this valley of trouble.
Isaiah 35

Nearly There

Are we nearly there yet? The question may have come. 
When would the journey finish? ‘How much longer mum?’
Are we nearly there yet? The youngsters’ voices cry.
Would they soon arrive? But there was no reply.
Are we nearly there yet? I bet it drove them mad.
Same old question, year on year, ‘How much longer dad?’
Are we nearly there yet? It made no sense at all.
For Abraham and Sarah, the travelling was the call.
It wasn’t about getting there, or crossing any line,
But following the God who created space and time.
Are we nearly there yet? How long will it be?
A lifetime of step by step, for Jesus, you, and me.

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