Prayer & In Him


We shall do our best to pray for change,
And to pray for love,
To pray for hope, and to ask for hearts to awaken.
We shall pray for life and resurrection,
We shall pray for forgiveness,
We shall pray for understanding,
We shall pray for kindness.
We shall pray for ourselves and others,
We shall pray for eyes to be opened,
To the One who stands at the doors of our hearts.
We shall pray and we shall care,
We shall never stop,
Silently or aloud, confidently or falteringly.
Though our prayers may seem sluggish and weary,
Though the way can be unclear and the road is rough,
Though our strength and our faith grow weak,
Though our prayers often feel small.
We shall not give up,
For this battle for our hearts and minds
Belongs to the king of love.

In Him

In him we live and move and…
Eat and drink and laugh and cry
And make mistakes and pray and forget to pray
And sing and shout and leap about
And sit quietly and watch TV
And clean our teeth and wash our feet
And work and rest and wake and sleep
And ask questions and wonder and cry out
And watch and play and discover and solve things
And help and don’t help
And do amazing things and silly things
And put our feet in our mouth
And say just the right thing at just the right time
And encourage and build up and pat others on the back
And snap and snipe and regret it
And pray and praise and say sorry and well done
And look backwards and forwards and struggle to appreciate
This present moment in which we live
And move and have our being
In him.
Acts 17 v 28

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