Spending Time in the Water

We can read how-to manuals,
Or if you’re like me – watch them on YouTube,
But ultimately there comes a time,
When, if you want to learn to surf,
You have to spend time in the water.
There’s no substitute for having a go.
I learned to play table tennis
By playing a friend day after day,
Bit by bit learning the way,
One shot after another,
One miss after another,
Mistakes and triumphs and awkward disasters,
Keeping going,
Spending time at the table.
Follow me, Jesus says beckoning to us,
Take a step, try, have a go, don’t give up.
There’ll be muddling and misunderstandings,
Triumphs and disasters,
And little by little, step by step,
We’ll learn, as we spend time
On the way, following.

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