I’m glad I’m a sheep, it explains my foolish behaviour,

Wandering off, getting caught in the hedges,

It gives me an excuse for following the crowd,

And chasing after supposedly greener grass.

There are sheep who think they are shepherds,

The bleating leading the bleating.

And there is a shepherd who is worth looking to,

A shepherd already looking for us,

A shepherd who knows our name, and our fears,

A shepherd who understands and gets us,

In a way no one else does.

There are sheep who think they are shepherds,

And the noise can be overwhelming, hurtful, distracting,

But there are good shepherds too,

Leaders who know they are not in it for themselves,

Servants who are learning to lead as they follow,

And their way is the path of the Good Shepherd,

And the Good Shepherd’s way, is the winding path to Life.

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