How beautiful are the feet of him

Who brings good news,

Who walks amongst the rejected,

Who sits with the lonely and saddened,

Who stands with us in all things,

Not rushing away or hurrying on.

How beautiful are the feet of him

Who went to feasts and parties,

Danced and laughed and stirred up joy,

Not the greatest of dancers, but the most inviting,

The feet of him who brought life

And resurrection wherever he walked.

How beautiful are the feet,

Who stood in our place,

Receiving that jagged nail,

Pinned to a callous cross,

Life ebbing away into the life of the universe.

How beautiful are the feet of him

Who walks free from the clutches of death,

Who passes through the open tomb,

To bring us the new dawn of grounded hope.

How beautiful are the feet of those

Who stumble along with him,

Needing this good news,

One beautiful, bumbling step at a time.

Isaiah 52 v 7

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