Emmaus Mist

Life is so like the Emmaus road,
Our sights set on the wrong destination,
When Jesus starts to walk alongside us,
Hidden in plain sight,
Doing his best to open our eyes.
The lamb challenging our longing for a lion,
The broken bread revealing the broken messiah,
Never more powerful than in his weakness,
Never more loving than in his life laid down.
The story of the ages leading us to this crossroads,
And to each moment of decision,
Whether to bid farewell to the stranger in our midst,
Or to open the door and invite him in,
To ask him to bless the ragged jumble of our lives,
To know him in his suffering and vulnerability.
Though we are on a steep learning curve,
And our own set ideas need unscrambling,
Yet he walks on with us, undaunted,
Often unseen and unknown,
Always there, the stranger in our mist.

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