On Our Side

Adam and Eve were led to believe,
That they could choose to be in God’s shoes,
Choosing wrong from right, darkness from light.
Adam and Eve so sadly deceived,
Not thinking straight, when tempted by fate,
‘You’ll be like God!’ they were told, which was odd,
For they already were like their creator,
In the image of him who made everything,
Brought them from dust in kindness and trust.
They lost their heads and just said yes,
And temptation’s mess brought a lifetime of stress.

But the good news here, for our troubles and fear,
Is found in the dawn of a new child born
In the dust and the strife, the start of a life
Spent washing feet, and kneeling to meet
Those held down, those pushed around.

It’s found in the loss of a man on a cross,
Forgive them he prays, for their misguided ways.
And so in death, as he draws his last breath,
He breaks the grip of deception’s trick,
And new starts abound as he’s laid in the ground.
And that Sunday shock of a shifted rock,
Means a daily new start for each hungry heart,
As love turns the tide, we have God on our side.

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